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Thank You CBS for a Successful Ally Week

Published: Monday, October 28, 2013

Updated: Monday, October 28, 2013 14:10

Members of Cluster Q were truly moved to see so many of you at Ally Week events, which included “Ask a Q Anything,” a powerful discussion with Christine Quinn, Ally Training, CBS Matters, and a colorful edition of Rugby Happy Hour. The week’s events helped us raise $1690 for The Ali Forney Center and Athlete Ally!

“I found the all-school CBS Matters presentations gripping. We got three different perspectives on exclusion and acceptance.”  Peter Svensson ’15

“Ally Week is another outward expression of CBS’ dedication to the principles of truth, integrity and respect. I appreciate that our community encourages everyone be their best self.” Audrey Iriberri ‘14

“I never thought openly showing you were an ally mattered, but this week showed that being an ally isn't about the friends who know you are one; it is about supporting those who need to know allies are out there.” Slava Druker '15

The student organizations below were represented at our first ever Ally Training, led by Friendfactor, an organization that aims to “activate straight people to become visible and active allies in their communities.”

We recognize that we didn’t pick the best day for Ally Training and pledge to be cognizant of exams and fall break next time we schedule the training. The Investment Banking Club sent out a recap of the training to its members that we’d love to share with the school.

The Ally Challenge for the Investment Banking Club [and now to CBS]:

Using gender neutral terms is a great way to signal that you are an ally. At the meeting several people referenced that they notice and appreciate when allies make a point of using gender neutral references.

Challenge: This week eliminate the use of gender specific terms (boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife) and replace with gender neutral terms (partner, spouse, significant other)

Some aspects of being a good Ally:

Be visible to show people within and outside of the LGBT community that you are a supporter (stickers, the bracelets they sold last week)

Ask questions and be open: this helps you to learn terms and use them correctly

Stand up against harassment

We echo the words of Cluster Q Co-President Ted Kirby ’14, “Without your dedication, support, and visibility, we would not be able to create such an inclusive community for LGBTQ individuals at CBS—and boast the largest number of Allies of any MBA program!”

Lastly, please remember that your work as an Ally doesn't stop here! You can stay engaged and learn about upcoming events by signing up as an Ally.

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